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NTU Website Production Platform


Given that mobile phones and tablets have become the main tools to access internet, this platform is built to improve the existing websites in the school to meet the needs of mobile web information services of current users.
  • In response to the NTU’s goal of internationalization., university-wide website quality regulations was established.
  • For the existing website deficiencies, adjust the standard points accordingly to guide improvements
  • Develop a campus-wide cross-department English website content integration and platform management
  • Reward outstanding units and provide observing learning (website review or contest)
  • Project funds are provided by the school and outsourced to web design manufacturers. It is sorted according to unit classifications and designed by the latest techniques into several templates. Then will hold info sessions, teaching units to refer and assemble.
  • Design professors’ personal lab website module (ex. Lab introduction, teacher’s information, etc.). The teachers can fill in the fields accordingly and the system will transform it into the website automatically, in a way that is easy for the teachers to operate (planning).
  • Website Maintenance: Aside from revision and implement information session, related educational training (manuals, videos) is needed for personnel maintenance. At the same time, establish dedicated network to provide relevant information.
  • Implementation FlowchartSOP


  1. All units of the school (ex. The school’s first tier administrative units (and its belonging units), schools, departments, research centers, etc.).
  2. Each affiliated unit needs a specialty permit application
  1. This platform is produced by adaptive webpage module version of RWD (Responsive Web Design) website.
  2. This platform doesn’t provide unit webpages to enter. The websites of the units must be maintained by themselves. System is authorized to first and second tier units to self-maintain. Authorized unit management cannot be students and part-times.
  3. Each account can only create up to 5 templates. Single authentication sign-in (SSO) can directly create a website template. If you do not have a C&INC account, please register an account first (usage period is one year) and use it after approval.
  4. The file backup time for the website template created through this platform is one year from the creation date. After the template data is built, please package, download, backup and save it yourself. This platform is not responsible for keeping it.
  5. This platform is only available for use in the NTU domain Please login through NTU SSL VPN outside of campus.
  6. This platform is for official use only and will be suspended if there is a violation.
  7. The maximum account space for a single account is 5GB. Maximum size of a picture is 10MB. Maximum size of a video is 150MB.
  8. Educational training is held from time to time to teach units to use and implement.
  9. The duration of this project is from the launch date to the day the school no longer provides maintenance funds.
  10. The intellectual property rights of all the work content and output of this platform belong to this school. Without agreement from the school, contractors and their personnel cannot use it.
  11. Subject to change if there are any unsettled matters.