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NTU Website Production Platform


  • Login Authorization
    • 2019-01-23




    Platform Entrance Website

    All units in campus

    SSO login

    Limited to teachers, faculty, and official-use accounts

    • Login with C&INC email account and password
    • SSO login cannot edit account and password. Please apply through C&INC operation team to edit.
    Registration Login Internet managers of all units
    • Anyone without a C&INC account, please register and upload service proof. Available for use after proceeding.
    Authorized application by unit management Limited to teachers, faculty, and official-use accounts
    C&INC account (email) application/search See website announcements for details
    C&INC website space homepage application See website announcements for details

    Limited to static websites. VM rental is recommended if there's a system.

    Unit: 20GB

    Personal: 10GB

    C&INC VM rental See website announcements for details

  • Disabled or unable to login
    • 2019-06-21

    Account Disabled or Unable to Login

    Account Disable/Activate

    • Please email the cannot-sign-in message screen to to apply for activation
    • Login errors more than 5 times or 90 days without login will be disabled
    • Self-registrants that has passed the employment period need to provide new employment certification documents to apply for activation

    Unable to login

    • Selected the wrong login way. Please login through SSO if you have a C&INC email account. Self-registrants please login through your account.
    • For inquiries, please email the cannot-sign-in message screen to

  • Website Authorization
    • 2019-05-16